Monatsarchiv: September 2012

Terrorism and Visual Culture – Call for Papers


CfP IMAGINATIONS – Sept. 5th, 2012
Dr. Maria Stehle, Noah Soltau, Eric Johnson, Anja Katharina Seiler
Dep. of MFLL, University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA

The Aesthetics of Violence: Terrorism and its Legacy in German Visual Culture
It is widely accepted that historically traumatic events inform visual culture, from depictions of the crucifixion to the legacy of the atomic bomb. More recently, the specter of international terrorism has informed the aesthetics of a wide range of artworks produced in and about Germany, from film to photography to visual art. Closer examination of these artworks is necessary if we are to develop the understanding of and vocabulary for dealing with the effects of both domestic and international social trauma. Some questions that require attention are: How do artists represent both the act and effects of terrorism? In what aesthetic and social discourses do they engage? How do the artworks inform or influence audiences’ concept of and responses to terrorism (and violence)?

For a proposal for a special issue in IMAGINATIONS Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies (, we are looking for analyses that closely examine the associations between contemporary artwork, violence, and the audience, across the wide range of visual arts. Topics may include but are not limited to: the effects of the September 11th terror attacks on the U.S.; the ensuing War on Terror; the recent bombings across Europe and the Pacific; the legacy of European terrorism, specifically the Red Army Faction; and the on-going Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Paper language: English

Please send your abstract for papers to both Anja Katharina Seiler ( and Sebastian Baden ( by October 1, 2012. Accepted abstracts will be submitted for a special issue in IMAGINATIONS. We anticipate that finished essays of approximately 7000 words will be due by January, 2013.

Hier der Call for Papers als PDF.